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The feet are possibly the most used and stressed parts of our bodies and we offer a variety of treatments to help alleviate this.  


Reflexology is a healing art of ancient origin which can be traced back to the Egyptians. The practice most likely entered the Western world during the conquests of the Roman Empire.   
Reflexology can also been traced to ancient Chinese and Indian medicine.

Based on the principle that the feet are a reflection of the body, areas on the feet correspond to each organ, gland and structure within the body. Therapists work to precise areas of the foot to ensure maximum treatment.
Sessions can be very relaxing and you may even fall asleep.

Reflexology may help with many conditions ranging from:

Infertility **  
Headache and migraines
High blood pressure
Sciatica and other back pain 
Recovery from illness or surgery
Asthma, hay fever, and other allergies
PMT, menstrual & menopausal symptoms
 and so much more.

In Florida only Licensed Massage Therapists or (Reflexology trained, licensed nail technicians can carry out Reflexology, although it is unusual to find any practicing nail techs who do).

Any other kind of therapist performing Reflexology is operating out with their scope of practice, so won't carry insurance to perform the treatment and above all they are breaking the law and putting your health at risk.
Reflexology is not a foot massage!

60-minute session.

(First session may be 15 minutes longer due to an initial assessment).

Intro  to Reflexology  half session
30-minute introduction to Reflexology including an initial assessment so please allow 45 minutes for appointment please. 



Above is a short slide show.      

   Ion foot baths are used to detox the body. 
Air, water and food are full of pollutants and on a daily basis we come into contacts with many chemicals, heavy metals, bacteria and viruses. 

The ion treatment pulls toxins from the body by sending positively charged ions which attach to negatively charged toxins, neutralizing them and drawing the toxins through the pores in the soles of the feet.

Charts are available at the end  to determine what toxins may have been pulled from your system.

The detox treatments paired with regular exercise and good diet can work to keep the body healthy.

ION Detox treatment $45
Add foot and lower leg massage $60




Foot Loose and Pamper Me!          

Relaxing foot soak followed by foot and lower leg massage, followed by paraffin foot treatment to leave the feet wonderfully relaxed and smooth.  


Thai Sa-Wan Herbal  Blissful Foot Soak

Relaxing spa foot soak followed by lower leg/foot massage utilizing Thai herbal ball 

(Thai Sa-Wan herbal balls are soft muslin fabric, filled with traditional Thai herbs and spices incl. lemongrass, turmeric, parai, kaffier lime, camphor and tamarind. Each is hand tied and heat sealed for freshness). 


Blowing Hot and Cold 

Relaxing spa foot soak  followed by foot and lower leg massage utilizing hot and cold contrast treatment leaving the legs and feet wonderfully relaxed and smooth.  


Beach Comber 

Relaxing spa foot soak, then foot and lower leg scrub, hot towels, followed by lower leg and foot massage to leave you wonderfully relaxed.  


Detoxifying Foot Facial

Relaxing spa foot soak with wonderful oils, followed by callus removal and skin softening products, then sit back and relax as we apply our "Too Cool" foot facial detoxifying apple and oatmeal  professional foot treatment. The treatment is followed  with hot towels and then a relaxing lower leg and foot massage. You should see noticeable improvement in skin tone,color and appearance after your foot facial.

(Add a one color toe nail color after treatment $8)
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