​​​​​At Helios Day Spa rest assured we take sanitation and your health very  seriously.

We fully sanitize all equipment and tools after each client complying with all state regulations and laws, in fact we go above those regulations and beyond and autclave all our instruments. We have individual client boxes to enhance your experience. Our spa pedicure chair and equipment is fully sanitized between each client also as per state regulation, not just rinsed out with water and sprayed with unidentified liquid in a spray bottle.

We never razor skin on the feet as this is illegal in the state of Florida. 

Another illegal substance is MMA.

For full details on MMA and what the state law requires regarding sanitation of pedicure chairs in Florida please click here... link will be added back soon.


Manicure, Pedicure, Shellac & Minx
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Helios Day Spa is a CND Shellac authorized salon/spa and can be found on CND.com as an authorized location since 2010 when Shellac was introduced and we were the first and only certified salon in our area and for miles around. Our technician has attended authorized Shellac training and is CND certified in applying the Shellac system correctly. 

           Shellac nail color can give a perfect, up to 14+ day manicure without chipping when the correct but simple care is taken of the nails. It can in fact last much longer.
       Shellac is a nail system where the correct equipment (incl. CND led or uv lamp) and products need to be used or it could just peel and chip.
      Shellac polish is not a "gel polish", it is a patent pending formulation of solvents, monomers and polymers and this is why Shellac goes on like a polish, wears like a gel and removes in minutes without the need to soak in bowls of acetone for 25+ minutes. Also no buffing of the natural nails is required for application or removal. (Any tech doing this whilst applying Shellac is damaging your nails). Shellac is hypo-allergenic and 3 free - meaning it contains no formaldehyde, toulene  or DBP.


Shellac Manicure   $40    
Shellac French Manicure  $42

Shellac Rock star manicure  $48

Shellac removal only (Finger Nails)  $12
Shellac removal with regular manicure  $28

Shellac Pedicure  $55
Shellac French Pedicure  $56
Rock star Shellac Pedicure  $58    

Solar Oil  $5/$10/$15
(This cuticle oil is an integral part of at home maintenance for Shellac).

Shellac Removal kit $18 ($16 without solar oil).
Includes CND Shellac removal wraps with orange wood stick, pro acetone and solar oil.
Picking off Shellac can take the top layers of the nail off. It also must never be buffed or filed off the natural nail.

Shellac explained please click here  - again link coming back soon as we                    update website.               

Spa Manicure

                Regular Polish  $20            
    French/American Polish  $23      
File and Polish  $10
   Color Change  $8   
*Removal of any other polish product other than  regular polish or Shellac applied at Helios Day spa before a manicure/pedicure will incur an extra charge of $15 - $25. 

Shellac not applied here will be $5 (as part of another service) to remove and gel polishes like Gelish/Gelac/Axium due to the extra time, work and materials involved in the removal process for our technicians costs will be circa $10 if the removal is difficult or time consuming. 

 Also we need to book longer appointments so please advise us what you are wearing if you can.

We do not do any type of artificial enhancements but we can remove them.
Removal of gel or acrylic nail enhancements (extensions) which have to be filed and soaked off, will be on consultation depending on condition and work involved.

Removal of acrylic or gel nail enhancements generally  starts at $40 which includes a basic manicure .

Minx Nails

Minx Manicure $35
Minx Pedicure $50
Toenail File and Minx Application only - $35

Helios Signature Spa Pedicures 

     Relax in our luxury pedicure chair with back massager. 
Choose from one of our relaxing pedicures below:

Spa Pedicure

Purifying spa whirlpool callus softener foot soak 
Pushing back of cuticles 
Trimming and shaping of toe nails 
Removing calluses and dead skin
  Short Foot and lower leg massage
 Regular one color polish


Deluxe Spa Pedicure: 

Purifying spa whirlpool callus softener foot soak 
Pushing back of cuticles
 Trimming and shaping of toe nails 
Removing calluses and dead skin
 Hydrating foot mask
Hot towels
 Short Foot and lower leg massage
 Regular one color polish 


Ultimate Spa Pedicure

Purifying spa whirlpool callus softener foot soak 
Trimming and shaping of toe nails 
Pushing back of cuticles 
moving calluses and dead skin
AHA foot scrub 
 Hydrating foot mask
Hot towels
 Extended Foot and lower leg massage

Cooling leg gel
 Regular one color polish 

Hot Stone Pedicure

 As per our Ultimate Spa Pedicure with hot stones incorporated for the ultimate foot pampering!

Foot Facial

Our Deluxe pedicure with specially developed oatmeal masque


Pedicure add ons:
Hot Stones $15
Paraffin Treatment $10
   French/American Polish $3
Color Change  $8

File and Polish $12​​

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