All of our waxing services are carried out by a professional therapist in a private, hygienic treatment room with fresh supplies and linens for each client. We do not double dip our spatulas into the wax pot, we use a fresh one each time and also keep the wax pot clean at all times. Hygiene and your health are very important to us.

We use Perron Rigot waxing products, one of the highest quality waxing lines from Paris. We have different waxes for different types of hair and areas as it is never a case of one wax fits all clients.

Our waxing services are available to both female and male clients.

Female Facial Waxing 

Eye Brows (tidy up) $12
Eye Brows shaping from $20
Eyebrow tidy up with brow tint $30
Eyebrow tidy up with eyelash tint $30
Upper Lip $10
 Chin $12
Eyebrow  tidy up and upper Lip $20 
Cheeks or sideburns $20
Face (brow tidy,lip, chin, cheeks/sideburns) $50

Female Intimate Waxing

Hard wax is generally used in most of these areas as it can be gentler and less painful than strip waxes in these areas. (We can strip wax or a mixture of the two methods if you prefer).
 Bikini Line $35
High bikini Line $40
Brazilian - strip left $60
Hollywood - sll off  $65
Maintenance after full session and no more than 6 weeks growth - $55

Female Body Waxing

Lower Legs $35 (incl feet and toes plus $15)
Thighs $45/Full leg $70
Feet $15/Toes $8 
Forearms $30/Upper arms $30/Full arms $55
Under arms $22
Small of back patch $25

Male Body Waxing 

Chest and abdomen $65
Upper chest $40
Back  $65
Back and shoulders $75
 Abdomen $35 
     Lower back patch $25
Shoulders $25
 Neck $25
    Forearms or upper arms $30/Full arms $55
Under arm $25
Hands $20
Whole Legs $70
Upper Legs $45
Lower Leg $35
Feet and  toes $20
Eyebrow $12 (tidy up)

  We no longer offer male intimate waxing. 

For any other areas not listed please call. Prices are based on average hair growth. Hirsutism (excessive hair) or extra long hair that may require trimming may incur a slightly higher cost depending on time and work involved to prepare the hair for waxing. Also for lesser work the price can be adjusted but this can all be discussed at a free consultation.

Eyelashes and Brows

 Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting

A patch test is carried out to ensure there are no reactions and then the treatment is administered. It will last the approximate life of the lash which is about 7 weeks.

Colors available: Black, Blue Black, Grey, Brown and Violet

Eyelash tint $20
Eyebrow tint $20
Both (same shade only)  $30

 Eyelash extensions

We have eyelash extensions for every budget from strip lashes to clusters to individual lashes.

Strip Lash Applications 
(Generally for one time wear)
$25 inc. lashes
Small cluster lashes
From $55

Individual lashes

We are currently looking for an on call eyelash specialist, must be licensed, certified and insured in state of Florida. Please call us for more details.

This is an intensive treatment where individual lashes are attached one at a time and a consultation and patch test is required.
Prices will vary from client to client but as a rough guide from a few individual lashes on each eyelash to a full set ranges from circa $80 to $250+ for a full set depending on the look required and also the work involved.

Treatments can last circa 6-8 weeks which is the approximate life span of the natural lash if the lashes are cared for correctly.
At Helios Day Spa only professional lashes and the very best professional adhesive ($80 for a tiny bottle) is used in all our lash treatments.

Please call if you have any questions regarding the treatment.

Lash Removal (applied somewhere else) 
from $30
Please don't pull these out yourself as you could pull the natural lash out also. We have seen some horror stories with bare gaps left in the lash line.

Removal of lashes applied elsewhere with a new full application generally free as log as no complications.


Please call us to discuss as patch test and consultation is required.


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